Tuscumbia Winter Tournament

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Tuscumbia High School
Field cap
12 teams (JV division); 18 teams (middle school division)
Question Set or Provider
SCOP Novice 5
Question Format
20 tossups with 3-part bonuses

Tuscumbia High School will hosting an academic tournament on Saturday, January 17, 2015 with both JV and middle school divisions. Tentatively, the JV division will be capped at eighteen teams, and the middle school division will be capped at twelve. All students in grades 7 and 8 are eligible to compete in the middle school division; all students in grades 9 and 10 are eligible for the JV division, regardless of previous experience. The limit on team size in both divisions is eight, although teams of six or fewer students are encouraged. Other than the field limit, there is a not a limit on the number of teams that an individual school can bring.

Oakville is using the same question set for their tournament on November 1. If you are planning on attending the Oakville tournament, you may not attend this tournament.

The JV division will be using the SCOP Novice 5 question set written by coaches and former players from Illinois. The middle school division will use the SCOP Middle School question set, which is based on the accompanying JV set but will be adapted to be made more accessible to middle school teams.

All teams in both divisions will play at least seven games regardless of performance; the exact format of the tournament will be decided once the field is set. Teams are expected to stay for the duration of the tournament so we can offer all teams their guaranteed number of games.

Contact Name
Jason Loy