2015 MSHSAA State Tournament - MACA All-Star Awards

This year, MACA also decided to award medals to the top 4 individuals in each class based on the whole day, in addition to the All-State medals based on prelims only. [In order to get an All-Star, the player must have played all 5 games.] The list of those All-Star award winners is below:

Class 1 All-Stars:
1. Ross Sparrow, Tuscumbia, 20.6
T2. Noah Dickinson, Thomas Jefferson, 10.00
T2. Christian Atteberry, Thomas Jefferson, 10.00
T4. Cameron Albrecht, Green City, 8.0
T4. Noah Wells, Thomas Jefferson, 8.0

Class 2 All-Stars:
1. Josh Vogel, Saxony Lutheran, 17.6

2015 MSHSAA State Tournament - MACA All-State Awards

All-State awards are based on the three preliminary rounds of the MSHSAA state tournament.

Class 1
1. Ross Sparrow, Tuscumbia, 23.33
T2. Noah Dickinson, Thomas Jefferson, 11.00
T2. Christian Atteberry, Thomas Jefferson, 11.00
4. Cameron Albrecht, Green City, 8.67
5. Noah Wells, Thomas Jefferson, 8.00
6. Danielle Bailey, DeKalb, 6.67
T7. Jacob Schwenneker, Princeton, 5.33
T7. Kayla Carrington, Bismarck, 5.33
9. Savannah Millburn, Princeton, 5.00
10. Josh Schoonover, Princeton, 4.33

Class 2
1. Joshua Vogel, Saxony Lutheran, 16.33
2. Trent Homan, Richland, 14.33

MSHSAA Scoresheet Instructions

If you are in need of a concise handout for training scorekeepers for districts or any future state-formatted events, consider downloading and distributing the PDFs attached.

2015 MACA JV State Tournament

The 2015 version of the MACA JV State Tournament was held on March 14th at Helias High School (special thanks to Shelley Swoyer for volunteering and all of her hard work).

2015 MACA JV State Tournament

Tournament Details
MACA (at Helias High School)
Field cap: 
Fees and discounts: 

base fee (first team from each school): $60
second or subsequent teams: $55
buzzer discount (must work for eight players; limit two per school): -$5
each team entered must provide a competent staffer (moderator or score keeper)

Question Set Details
Question Set or Provider: 
Olympia Questions (2014)
Question Format: 
Twenty Tossup / Twenty Bonus

Only freshman and sophomore players are eligible for this tournament.

Scott Allen
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