Moberly Young Scholars Tournament (MYST)

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Moberly High School
Field cap
12 in each division
Fees and discounts

All discounts are subject to the discretion of tournament officials.

First team: $65
Additional teams: $60
Discount for travelling more than 100 miles each way (determined by Google Maps): $10
Discount for providing a working buzzer set: $5 (maximum $10)
Discount for providing competent staff: $5 per staffer (maximum $10)

Additionally, novice teams that participate in MYST are eligible for a $10 discount off their registration fee for the Outstate Missouri Academic Rendezvous, set for April 7th at Moberly High School.

Question Set or Provider
Question Format
20/20, powers, no negs, rebounding bonus, golden tossup in event of overtime

We will host a junior varsity/novice division and a middle school/junior high division. Middle school/junior high programs must be properly registered with MSHSAA in order to participate. There will be no roster restrictions for the MS/JH division; the JV division will have a roster restriction:
All freshmen may compete. NO seniors may compete.
Sophomores who have not competed at HSNCT, SSNCT or PACE NSC may compete.
Juniors who have not previously competed at any 20/20 tournament may compete.
Varsity players who are not eligible to compete are welcome to serve as tournament staff and can qualify their school for a discount off the registration fee.

This tournament will consist of a minimum of eight games for all teams in a modified national format:

  • Each game shall consist of two halves of ten tossups each, with each correct tossup followed by a three-part bonus.
  • Correct tossup answers are ten points each, with an additional five-point “power” awarded for a correct answer given before a pre-determined point in the tossup.
  • Unlike other NAQT/national tournaments, we will NOT assess a five-point penalty for interrupting the moderator during the tossup with an incorrect answer.
  • Unless otherwise specified in a bonus set, each bonus part shall be ten points each. Incorrect bonus parts shall immediately rebound.
  • MSHSAA timing rules shall with one exception: Teams shall receive only five seconds to answer a bonus. Moderators will be instructed to prompt after four seconds.
  • There are no math calculation tossups or bonus.
  • In the event a game is tied after regulation, additional tossups shall be read until the next change in score.
  • Each team shall have one 30 second timeout per half. Substitutions, scorechecks, and team conferences may occur at the half, prior to overtime, or during any timeout called by either team. (Note: per a change in MSHSAA rules, teams must use a timeout to request a scorecheck other than at halftime or the end of regulation.)
  • Teams may play with fewer than four players. Rosters shall be submitted in advance and finalized at registration the morning of the tournament. Players may not change teams during the tournament.

At present, we are limiting each division to 12 teams, with an eye to expand each division as staff becomes available. Additional teams will be placed on a waitlist and contacted should an opening occur. During the initial registration period we will limit schools to two teams per division. If you are able to field additional teams, please let us know and we will place them on the waitlist. Should multiple teams from your school be admitted, we ask that each of your teams’ rosters be limited to seven players.

Contact Name
Kyle Hill & Kathy Brandon